Why Does Your Business NEED AWeber

Why is it necessary for your business’ website?

Online business has been a surging industry, and many like us here at raised wealth are wondering for ways to expand our horizons. One way to keep up with our recurring readers is by using the software called, “Aweber”. We couldn’t be more grateful for its integration as it renders the process of email copywriting seamless and automatic, which reduces the need to outsource services. However, there are many benefits to using this platform which we will uncover in this article and again hope that you consider using it for your business or even enroll in their affiliate program to start earning commissions for your referrals.

Aweber is an email autoresponder software that sends messages to the list you have gathered over its usage. It is among the most common tools used in email marketing and has since been generating millions of dollars in revenue for the people who use it. As is often the case, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can easily generate at least $44 in return which is nothing short of a great ROI.

With the help of Aweber, you can connect instantly to all your contact on your email list, which can otherwise get quite hectic without it. Could you imagine yourself copy/pasting the same email notification over and over again to all your contacts to deliver the message you intended on sending out to them? This is the power of Aweber, in a couple of steps, you can have your mailing list of 500,000+ contacts be delivered your intended message simultaneously and respond to their concerns.

There are different types of memberships and ranges through different price tags, however, your first email list is free as long as you have less than 500 contacts on it. Once your email list grows over 500 contacts you would need to switch to the pro account which is a reasonable price of $19.99/ Month, $49.00/ 3 months, or $193.80/ annually. As we’ve touched upon before, email marketing is a vital tool for reaching your audience to promote your offers to them all while allowing them to stay engaged with your content. If you find this product may serve your business, we genuinely invite you to visit their website to optimize your marketing and expand your brand in the making.

Great tool for Affiliate Marketers!

If you have been considering affiliate marketing as a result of the pandemic, this software will also be crucial to your success to keep track of your leads and make sure to keep promoting quality content and products to them. As affiliate marketers ourselves, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the products we promote especially without the tracked leads being in a given email pool. This tool will single-handedly automate your sales and allow for lead generation to astronomical levels. This isn’t to say that there aren’t better offers elsewhere, however, none that would truly amount to the same bang-for-buck, ease of use, and beginner friendliness that Aweber offers its users.

Aweber is easily integrable with many platforms such as but not limited to; WordPress, Wix, ClickBank, Clickfunnels, Facebook, Paypal, GrooveApps, Shopify, Clickbank, WarrirorPlus, WooCommerce, BeatStars, Builderall, Digistore24, Zoom, and many more…

As you can see it is a great way to have all your contact lists for a multitude of different platforms all be generated in one spot to ease your communications to your prior leads and will also help you generate more in the future.

Aweber Affiliate Program

As most companies have generated have integrated an affiliate program in their workflow, it has become exceptionally appealing to become an affiliate for a software essential to your day-to-day operations as an affiliate marketer. If bread takes flour to bake, an affiliate marketer needs an email marking list to optimize lead generation and creates a lifelong traffic source at the click of a button. If using Aweber is nearly essential to affiliate marketing operations, it is only natural to join their affiliate program as well, to benefit from their ingenuity all while allowing others to make acquaintance with a software that will surely propel their online business to unlimited levels.

AWeber allows you to earn 30% commissions to earn your monthly payments back from your commissions to your audience which pretty much pays for your monthly subscription for using a service that is, again, essential to the success of affiliate marketing for the long run. They offer a great affiliate support team as well as a great Facebook community to help you with any issue you may have concerning their products and also impeccable customer support which always makes for a warming and delightful experience.

**Disclaimer: We are a professional review company who receives compensation from companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks only to the ones that are the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. **


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