What are The Most Lucrative Markets to Promote?

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Online promoting has been a roaring industry in the last few decades, and it will only keep on expanding as the world is gradually transitioning towards being fully virtual. There are so many sectors to choose from and as some may seem to hold great potential, they might not be as lucrative as one would think.

Truly, there is no right or wrong answer, the right product will be rightly promoted by the right individual. The goal is to choose a product you feel passionate about, whatever the market is. Think of it, you can search the web and find that the most lucrative market to promote is relationships for example, however, if you have zero interest on the topic, just how successful do you expect to be? Not only will you have no interest in the product, but the process of promoting and building a brand you feel proud of will feel dreadful and tiring. The following phrase might sound cliche but it really comes down to it.... "Find your passion and the money will come eventually".

Now when we say passion, it can be a hobby you really enjoy, a specific skillset you could use to help others develop, you get the point .... Anything can be promoted and turned into a lucrative business venture in our virtual climate.

However, if you are anything like me, you might be interested in a lot of different sectors and don't really know where to start and which to choose from. And to that, Raised Wealth can help you get steered in the right direction.

We found a study which analyzed which markets proved to be most lucrative on average, this doesn't mean that other markets or niche won't be as lucrative, it simply means the majority of promoters make the most profits in the specified fields listed hereunder;

The Big 3 Markets


- Weight Loss

- Personal Growth

- Addiction

- Diabetes


- MMO (Make Money Online)

- Investing

- Software

- Trading Stocks


- Dating

- Marriage

- Parenting

- Management

Can you see a pattern and why these industry would potentially be lucrative? They all solve a problem. That's all it is... Find a problem you are able to solve and help people solve it, don't think about the money, know it will come because of the quality you can bring to the individuals lives. People can smell greed, but a genuine will to help will set you up for success.

Now that you know what the 'best' markets to venture in, you might be wondering, where do you find products to promote and how should you promote them?

Where to Find the products to promote?

- Amazon associate is a great platform to start, you can promote pretty much any product found on amazon. It can be the impulsive purchase you've made in the past, which turned out to be something that you now cannot go a single day without. Admittedly, the commission percentage is not all that impressive however what is truly beneficial is the ability to promote products that are already selling.

- Clickbank is also a great software which allows you to discover a variety of products which are available to promote in the specific niche you selected. Clickbank also give you insights on the products conversion rates, and level of gravity, and commission percentages.

- Most companies have an affiliate marketing programs, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and look up the requirements to enter the programs as you scroll down on their website. Again, we recommend you promote for companies you like and already use. That way, the interest you have in these companies will translate into genuine quality in the ears of the readers or target audience which is what will be the best predictor of success in an industry flooded by phoney gurus.

How to promote the products?

Free Advertising

- Free advertising is doing the grunt work of promotion but it is extremely gratifying to make commissions when you've worked excessively hard to get them. With social media, it was never easier to promote good and services online. Raised Wealth's favourite platforms to promote is on Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and Facebook. What set's these platforms apart from the rest is the ability to search for keywords in the search bar which can help you find people in need of problem fixing. Imagine every time you've searched on the internet "how do you ..." "What is the best ..." "How can I ...." well this way, you would be the person providing the answer to such problems. Now if you have the confidence of speaking and showing your face, YouTube and TikTok are definitely extremely lucrative ventures if the promotion is done right.

Paid Advertising

- Paid advertising we recommend to do once you've been advertising for free for a while and already have an idea as to how to promote a certain product, and which bring you the highest conversion rates. That way you won't be spending large amounts of money on ads that are not earning you a great return on investment. However, great platforms to use for paid advertising is YouTube ads and Google Ads. That way you will be paying a certain amount of money to have your ads broadcasted and put in the spotlight.

Do You feel you still need more information?

We link a few books to help you get started on your online promotion journey, remember you need to be a lifetime learner to make this work. Climates and interests change like the weather and it is important to have the right knowledge to assure success in an endeavour you would wish to pursue.

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