Top 10 Best Ways to Monetize Your Passion!

Fortunately, the internet has opened up new avenues which can lead to making money.

There are many ways for you to make money and be happy. These top 10 proven ways will show you how.

Doing something you love is one of the best ways to make money. There are many different types of careers for this passion, from music, writing, and even acting. This list will give you 10 methods that can help you earn some cash while doing what you love.

1. Sell your own merchandise on websites like Etsy or Amazon

2. Create pre-recorded video tutorials on topics that people want to learn about

3. Become an Amazon affiliate

4. Become an eBay seller

5. Use your knowledge by writing articles for blogs

6. Write and sell ebooks

7. Sell through private websites

8. Sell your skill on sites like Skillshare

9. Sell through local makerspaces

10. Become a consultant

Here is an article that will teach you the basics of how to start making money online!

1. Etsy

Etsy is a website where people can buy and sell handmade items which they make themselves. It is a great place to sell your own product. Etsy provides a marketplace that allows the sale of handmade items, which can be anything from jewelry, clothing, and more. You are responsible for creating your own listing on Etsy.

2. Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates program allows you to earn 15% of the sale made by the people who chose products you recommended. This includes books, apps, music tracks etc. You also get a 5% bonus for referring shoppers who become Prime Members.

3. Sell Pre-Recorded Videos on the Web

Many people want to learn how to do things like play guitar, use photoshop, or create websites. You can make pre-recorded videos of yourself teaching these skills and sell them on websites such as Udemy or Skillshare. People will pay the money because you already took out the time to demonstrate how to do something effectively for them!

4. Write Articles for Blogs

Bloggers need content to be posted on their site. You can write articles on topics that people are interested in and get paid for your work. Make sure that you put a link in the article back to your website if you want people to visit it.

5. Write Ebooks and Sell Them

Ebooks are books that can be read on the computer, tablet or phone. You can choose to make them available for free or charge people a fee to download them. Through these ebooks, you can teach what you know about photography, woodworking, self defense and more!The sale of ebooks opens up many possibilities for making money online because of the high demand for good information these days.

6. Sell Through Your Own Website

If you have a skill that you are looking to sell, building your own website is one of the best ways to do this. The website can be for anything from photography, woodworking, self defense and other skills people are willing to pay cash money for. Once you have built your site, put a link in your advertisements back to the site so that new visitors will came over there.

7. Sell Your Skill Through Skillshare

Skillshare is an online community where people who have skills that they would like to teach can use their skills and show other people what they know. You can take a class on anything from photography to woodworking to self defense and show people how to do it.

8. Sell Through Local Makerspaces

Makerspaces is a place where people can come together to learn about new skills and make things such as 3D printers, robots, and more. You may find people who wish to pay you for your knowledge. They can also find ways that they might be able to help you sell your products if you need help with that.

The opportunity is endless here!

9. Become a Consultant

People who are looking to start a business, looking for a new job or just need help with something can hire you as a consultant. You can offer them advice and you can make a living off of helping others achieve their goals.

10. Sell through Private Websites

There are many different websites that still allow you to create your own website without going through all of the hassle that is associated with the normal websites such as WordPress or Wix.

As you can imagine the amount of ways available for you to truly make a living doing what inspires you are plentiful. The only thing holding you back is yourself, make the sacrifices now to enjoy the fruits of your labour later. This might sound cliche but there is a great value in the quote "One day, or, day one" because the decisions you take on today will alter the course of your life tomorrow.

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