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Updated: Apr 24, 2021

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are actively seeking to make money online to secure a portion of their income against economic downturns.

If you just started looking into it, luckily you are at the right site, we are dedicated to showing people how they can make money online and we like to provide as much detail as possible. You may have heard about dropshipping, real-estate wholesaling, and affiliate marketing. All these options are good ways to make a little extra money however they all require a bit of work and creativity … if it was easy everyone would do it!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting ads on various websites, email, social media platforms, ultimately aiming to generate sales for a given good or service by simply referring customers to their website. The reason why this is such a lucrative venture is due to everything being online nowadays, it is becoming almost urgent to figure out how to make a little extra income while putting little to no money down to make it.

Affiliate marketing works in this fashion, you may pay for ads to generate traffic to the product you are promoting, or you can go the free route by posting on social media and forum/blog pages to generate traffic at no cost.

Once someone clicks on your link and buys a given product or service, you can get a hefty commission simply from copy/pasting a link to various sources of high traffic (Google, Twitter, Redditt, YouTube, etc..). Now commissions usually range from 30-80% depending on the product which can amount to a lot when you promote high-ticket (expensive) items, and exponentially more when it’s a high-ticket subscription-based commission as it is reoccurring payments.

Finding the right product to promote…

Finding the right product to promote can be tough, there are many different products and no one likes to waste time promoting products/services that don’t sell. However here at Raised Wealth, we want to bring to you an amazing opportunity to join our affiliate network

for Canada’s leading online brokerage platform, Questrade.

As mentioned, Questrade is the fastest growing online brokerage platform in Canada, that being said, they operate globally, and therefore their services are appealing to an international audience.

Here are some incentives for joining us and start affiliate marketing for Questrade:

- FX CPA plan: 50$ commission per sign-up.

- CPA Plan: CPA (cost per acquisition) earns you $70 for every new qualified brokerage account that you refer. When you recommend a business to partner with us as a sub-affiliate, you will earn $10 per referred affiliate, should they select the CPA program

- QWP CPA Plan: CPA (cost per acquisition) earns you $50 for every new qualified Questwealth Portfolio account that you refer.

- Revenue Sharing Plan: The revenue sharing plan pays 7.5% of the commission generated for every trade a referred client makes with absolutely no limit! Referring an affiliate on the revenue sharing plan means that you receive 1.5% of the commission generated per trade made by your sub-affiliate€™s referral with no limit.

A lifetime reoccurring commissions on trade? It could really be that easy, simply click the button below and embark on a journey that can potentially change your life!



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