Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Rich Dad Poor Dad

By: Robert Kiyosaki

In Robert Kiyosaki’s book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” he explains to the reader life lessons that one must adopt in order to understand how the rich think and make money. This novel truly has the potential of changing your life for the better, it provides an insightful perspective on life which you have probably never been introduced to.

In summary, Robert explains what his father "poor dad” and his best friend’s father “rich dad” taught him lessons according to both their perspectives. His “Poor dad” who wasn’t really poor, just middle class, would tell him, “go to school, get a stable job, and get a pension”. Wherefore his “rich dad’ would teach him “go to school if you want, but never work for money, because the second you accept that paycheck you become an employee, and you don't want that." Robert illustrates that it’s not about how much money you make, it’s how much you keep, and what you do with it. Robert explains the rich invest their money in assets and make these assets allow them to buy the things they want. whereas, the poor/middle-class buy liabilities (cars, cellphones, luxuries), and liabilities portrayed as assets (house) and hence keeping them in a "rat race".

Truly, the book is a big juxtaposition between how his rich dad would think compared to his poor one. For example, poor dad says, “I can’t afford it” while rich dad says “How can I afford it”. The key takeaway here is, Rich Dad Poor Dad won’t give you the idea, but it’ll put you in a mindset to figure it out on your own as any entrepreneur would.

the rich don’t work for money, money works for them.”

This quote is thoroughly used to emphasize to the reader that one may have a “High-paying” job, however, if these individuals don’t make their money make more money, they could easily be living paycheck to paycheck even by being in the 1% of earners (Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, etc..). The reason for that is since these professions earn a higher income, they are also taxed accordingly, leading them to truly never get ahead, rather, they just stay stagnant. To that Robert explains that there are 3 types of income; earned income(job), portfolio income (stock portfolio, capital gains), passive income (rental properties, real estate), and explains that taxes differ for each type of income; earned income (taxed at +50%), portfolio income (taxed at ~20% (0% if done right)), and passive income (taxed at 0%). The way to build a future of financial freedom lies in understanding these financial principles and apply them to your everyday lives.

Keep expenses low, reduce liabilities, and diligently build a base of solid assets.”

You would think that these professionals, being the intelligent people that they are, would already understand this concept, right? And to that Robert says;

A person can be highly educated, professionally successful, and financially ILLITERATE

This is because schools teach you to be a good employee and not an entrepreneur. The same reason Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and many more have dropped out of school before finishing their degree, is because they didn't want to be told how to think, and would rather hire their past classmates, once their empires were established.

Most people never get wealthy simply because they are not trained financially to recognize opportunities right in front of them.”

In school, you are given the lesson and then the test, but life works differently, you are given the test, and then the lesson. School teaches that it is bad to fail, but in life, failure is only a lesson, so treat it as such.

Failure inspires winners. Failure defeats losers

Personally, Rich Dad Poor Dad gave me a newfound perspective on life, one that helped me rebalance my personal finances, and rewired my brain to think in ways “the rich” would. The book is truly amazing, and we really do encourage anyone who wishes to live a life of freedom and prosperity to give it a good thorough read and annotate the contents. Beware, however, if you are easily offended about your current situation because Rich Dad Poor Dad will not sugar coat what it needs to tell you in order for you to face reality head on. It will expose you to your own faults and either you will be offended and close the book or keep reading to better yourself. Again, it doesn’t sell you a dream, it allows you to envision it and then execute a plan to create it. It won’t be easy, but it won’t be hard either, all it takes is discipline.

Often in the real world, it’s not the smart who get ahead, but the bold

If you’ve read thus far, either you have already read the book or are enticed to learn more about it, watch the short video down below of Robert Kiyosaki explaining the contents of his book and then click on the link below to get your own copy of the manuscript that has changed thousands of lives and may very well change yours as well.

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s not so much what you know anymore that counts, because often what you know is old. It is how fast you learn. That skill is priceless

Watch this video, then click on the link below to get your own copy.


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