Legendary Marketer: 15-Day Business Challenge Review

As we were scrolling our lives away on TikTok, we encountered many influencers promoting Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day-Buisness Challenge and we were very tempted to give it a try. After completing the 15-Day business challenge, we absolutely recommend it to anyone whose fortunate enough to be reading this review. We will be as transparent as possible in this review and list the pros and cons of the 15-Day business challenge so you can decide for yourself if it is meant for you. However, we must mention, we took this challenge before even creating Raised Wealth, as we’ll admit, was the driving force in launching our own website.

The Start of the journey

At the start we stumbled upon many TikToks promoting this challenge and were marketing it as a 7$ course that would take you step by step as how to launch your online business and assure its long-term profitability. When we clicked on the link which brought us to the home page, we saw the course advertised for $7 which turned out to contain a reasonable $20 upsell, which made sense as paying $7 for the information that the course claims to have would have been severely underpriced.

Upon payment and account creation, we were taken to our personal profile which only allowed us to watch the first lesson (Day 1). The lesson was about an hour or so, it provided us with great insight on which industries are set to explode in the coming years, and the various paths to ensure long-term profitability. After completion of the course, we asked to complete a Digital Marketing Assessment Quiz which was used to analyse our existing knowledge on Marketing, Online Business, and anything relating to email marketing and tactics to broaden your online presence. After completion of the Quiz, we were urged to set up a one-on-one call with a business plan advisor which only then would the second lesson or (day 2) of the challenge be unlocked.

Our Thoughts on the Business Plan Advisor

After scheduling our first meeting with the business plan advisor we were excited to discover all that they would have to offer, and let’s just say, they didn’t disappoint. Apart from being professional and knowledgeable on providing the right guidance to achieve our endeavors, they were fun, charismatic, and motivating which made for a delightful experience and one we knew would bring a wonderful potential partnership. We met with our business advisor several times throughout the span of the challenge and every time we met, solidified our belief that our website that we were given the right tools to succeed and boosted our confidence in our ability to make it happen.

Our thoughts about the Content

Throughout the 15-Day challenge we made sure to annotate everything that Dave Sharpe (CEO of Legendary Marketer) would say. We’ll admit however that the content at for the basic membership of $27 was ironically basic, however it was presented in such a way that it grew our knowledge of the fundamental principles of starting an online business in a way that made it ridiculous not to start.

As you go through the challenge, you will be prompted to purchase various upsells to gain exclusive access to which the basic membership does not have access to. We urge our readers that all these upsells are worth the price tag. However, we would recommend you know what you are planning on developing before taking on all these offers it can be pricey to pay for a product you won’t be using in your future endeavors.

Apart from the 15-day business challenge, we purchased the blueprint for Affiliate Marketing as this was what our website was set out to be. We were hesitant before purchasing because we didn’t know what to expect however after reading the testimonials of so many other users and how the courses truly helped them get the right knowledge and allow them to propel their future into a direction, they had no idea they would embark on.

While the basic subscription does offer basic-level information, would we be able to assert that it is worth well over the price tag of 27$? Yes. Prior to subscribing to Legendary Marketer, we were spending hours on end trying to find free content on YouTube and Google, but no one seemed to have the information staked in a way that made the flow of information understandable and concrete enough to truly help us start an online business. Our hardships in finding relevant and concrete information as to how to start an online business as a side hustle became ever more interesting as we wanted to help other individuals who were in the same boat as we previously were to get on the right path and make educated decisions as to how to proceed in launching a business in an ethical and professional manner.

Another aspect we truly appreciated form the 15-day business challenge was its continuous pressing on the fact that your dream will only work as hard as you are willing to work. At no point did the business advisors, Dave Sharpe, or any other Legendary Marketer staff member for that matter claimed that it will be an automatic guide to making money and won’t require any work. In fact, the even instill the idea that your creation may flop, but they stress that you are not defined by your failures, you must learn from them and grow from your newfound experience. Dave Sharpe puts a large emphasis on a value that is dear to our company as well and it is integrity and honesty. The program stressed that good business practices and etiquette is what will bring prosperity to your business as being fraudulent and pushing value-less products for the sake of making a sale is not only a waste of time but will be detrimental to the name your business is seeking to keep.

What happens when the challenge is over?

Well, when the challenge is completed, not only to do you have the blueprint to your very own business, but you have now gained knowledge on highly lucrative skills in any endeavour you wish to pursue in the future. But what if you don’t like the business plan you came up with and realised that you aren’t meant to start your online business? Well, you will be sent an email a few weeks later which will offer you a job at Legendary Marketer for your time spent learning the ins and outs of online marketing and taking the time to improve yourself and your knowledge in the making.

You will also be introduced to the large Facebook group community which offers resourceful strategies to broaden your reach as an online entrepreneur and available to answer potential questions and concerns as well. Also, your subscription grants you access to the live seminars made by Legendary Marketers top earners and coaches which are readily available to answer all your questions along the way as well as all strategies, testimonials, and much more quality content from their top performers from Monday to Friday @ 10:00 am EST.

Another Benefit is the knowledge gained over the span of the program will allow you to become an affiliate of Legendary Marketer to which is a product we strongly recommend. It’s a beautiful opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills and use the tools available to you to start a high-ticket affiliate marketing career. The 15-day challenge is a series of webinars, and the affiliate program is no different, it will instruct you on the right way to promote their product which has shown to be in the 6-7 figure yearly for just a few hours of work when done right. This course and all the products available change our lives here at Raised Wealth and we believe it will change yours as well. It is not a golden ticket unless you are willing to put in the work it takes to make it into the lucrative venture you desire it to be, but if you are putting in the work, you will be left in awe from all that it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

While the basic subscription provides basic-level information, its content is organized in a clear and concise way which allows all new members to grasp how to be a profitable online business. We are truly amazed by the supportive and engaging community around Legendary Marketer. The webinars and information are also always available as your subscription knows no expiry date. All and all, we would recommend this course to anyone who is still on the fence about whether to sign up. We can assert with confidence that it will be a great source of motivation and call to action for you to tackle your wildest dreams in a manner that is much more beginner-friendly than one would imagine. There will be more content regarding Legendary Marketer to be published on our site. Nonetheless, we hope to have answered the concerns you may have had and once again we recommend this course to anyone that has strong ambition and will power to deliver on their ambition.

**Disclaimer: We are a professional review company who receives compensation from companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks only to the ones that are the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. **


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