It Starts With the Right Nutrients

The first step to building the future you envision is through proper nutrition and training. A sain mind cannot properly function without the body carrying it being at least on the same level playing field. Working out is amongst the most rewarding activities, and builds character, perseverance, and confidence. All of which are essential character traits to have when hoping to be successful as an entrepreneur or achieving highly stressful endeavours.

Two years ago, is when I started lifting weights. I realized I really enjoyed lifting weights when I saw myself gain muscle, which led me to start taking different kinds of proteins, BCAA supplements, even pre-workout shakes. It wasn’t working the way I wanted, so I decided to change my routine as well as my supplements. I dropped all the supplements I was taking as soon as I found this protein.

with less than 1% of carbs and fat per scoop of protein. This product contains one of the cleanest sources of protein available today, absolutely no protein spiking accompanied with a conclusive 100% real protein. Whivh contains 907 grams per container.

This product is perfect for building a lean physique, although this product can be used for bodybuilding, CrossFit, callisthenics and more.

The 100% Whey Isolate from Crossfuel packs a whopping 27 grams of protein, 5.4 g of BCAA’S and L-glutamine per scoop. This Product is not primarily known for the amount but for the quality of the protein

I would suggest taking a scoop after each workout to begin your journey, I use this product in order to gain muscle mass considering the high amount of BCAA’S within each scoop. The trick is to create a routine coordinating your workouts with the protein shakes you take, I started with one and now I have three protein shakes incorporated in that routine. The reason I am increasing the amount of protein shake I take is that I workout 2-3 to sometimes 4 hours every day for 6 days, which is to gain considerable amounts of muscle mass in a short amount of time.

With that said, I took no pre-workouts or fat burners, as well as no other supplements of any kind, within five months I gained 45 pounds of muscle mass. With my routine you’re not looking for leaning, but rather to build mass. My nutritional routine was a protein shake before the gym, followed by a protein shake after the gym and a protein shake to accompany my last meal of the night. I suggest only take protein shakes to add with a meal, if you really want to grow muscle mass. The main issue is the protein content per scoop that isn’t all that high.

If you are looking for a lean physique this product would be for you as well since the content of protein per scoop is not as high as other proteins but the BCAA’S that are incorporated inside the protein will help your muscle recovery, therefore, allowing you to have extended workouts which then further create muscle density and raw strength.

It's all in the mindset, achieve your peak physical performance in order to achiev your peak financial performance, it goes hand in hand. Choose Crossfuel protein and watch your results go from mediocre to off the charts.

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