How to Become Rich?

We’re often told that money doesn’t buy happiness, however true that statement may be, it also undermines the potential for happiness that only money can bring you. Real Estate investor Grant Cardone makes critical points in his teachings of debt leveraging to repurpose one’s perspective money. Without money you can’t travel, without money, you can’t afford treatment, without money you can’t afford to eat, without money you can’t afford children, without money life is unaffordable.

However, as unsettling as this paragraph may be, it doesn’t make it any less true. Now there are two types of reactions people will have to these remarks. Either they will cry about the unfair nature of the system, or, they’ll try to beat the system as they understand life is a game in which only the players who know how to play it win.

We often see celebrities as Icons and even role models who shape our life, values and demeanour. Think of athletes, actors, singers, dancers, etc… However, becoming rich as they did is something a very small percentage of people can actually attain. This is why most people will want to go to school in the hope to attain high-paying positions that align with their interests in life, (ex; Doctor, Engineer, Accountant, Lawyer, etc..). While these jobs are relatively high-paying, and landing one in the 1% tax bracket, it also means they are the highest taxed positions in the employment pool, getting taxed at over 50% tax rates in most countries.

So how do you really get ahead then? it seems that even if you were to achieve these prestigious positions you still wouldn’t come close to making multi-million-dollar years like let’s say a Lebron James or Justin Bieber of this world would. So how do you get ahead?

Well, the truth is in the pudding, most multi-millionaires and billionaires aren’t only making money through one source of income. Rather they create a multitude with the large sum of capital they acquire throughout their life.

It is also key to remember that people spend most of their money on taxes throughout their lives, it is the biggest expenditure the average person makes in their life. But why is it that the wealthiest individuals seem to pay relatively no money in taxes when the average adult spends nearly half their salary in taxes? That is because they utilize tax and debt to their advantage. Not everyone could be the next Jeff Bezos and have a 187B net worth, as a matter of fact, it would be impressive to have anywhere around 1B net worth in a single lifetime.

This is what we will be tackling in this article, how to use taxes and debt to your advantage in order to get ahead. And as we have covered the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki many ties on our website, we will integrate the principles he mentions in his book to reveal the hidden secrets of becoming rich.

Earned Income;

Earned income as we have previously mentioned is your “job” or career. This is highly taxed if you are within the 1% of earners, ranging from 150,000+/year. However, most companies will have a retirement savings program that will match your contributions into a 401K at 50% hence, if you decide to invest 500$ of your pay stub into the tax-deductible program they will contribute 250$ as well. This is one of the best tools to compound your capital over the years to assure that you can upkeep with inflation as we all know that inflation is the single biggest detriment to uninvested savings as your dollar loses power yearly if it stays stagnant. Then the capital you have left can be used to create other forms of cash flow which we will uncover hereunder, however, it is important to understand the importance of a steady paycheque to fuel the rest of your capital generating opportunities from here on out.


Being self-employed is creating what is known as a “side-hustle” where you work for yourself and leverage your time to generate revenue. This can be done through Shopify stores where you can create print-on-demand merchandise and have them drop ship to your customers. The goal is to make sure that the business is somewhat automated to use as little of your time as possible, however in the starting phases of the side-hustle, you will need to sacrifice your time in order to make the side-hustle work for you. We provided an example of a side hustle that can be done online, however, you can create side-hustles by solving a problem people have, like cutting grass, window/ driveway cleaning, walking dos, being a babysitter, freelancing on sites like Fiverr, etc. The goal of a self-employed business is that you can create enough money to pay for the finer things you desire without having to use the income you generate from your job since you would use your job’s money to fuel your side hustle. Unfortunately, since you would still be considered a single proprietor, you do not get all the tax incentives of being an incorporated business owner. However, once your business is generating enough revenue you can land in the other cashflow quadrant referred to as the business owner explained hereunder.

Business Owner;

Being a business owner is somewhat challenging as you need to be at least an expert in your given field to outshine the competition. However, this really all ties back down to what we discussed on top of this portion, through your earned income or career, we’ll divert from the academic fields and take a trade worker’s expertise for this portion, however, this applies to most if not all professions. Let’s say you are a Bricklayer, you have been grinding and mastering your craft for a couple of years by now and have gotten your name around to become one if not the best in the local business or at least have the ambition to become it. If you applied the self-employed method, you may have generated more capital from, let’s say, side gigs, for example, and now have the tools, clientele, and expertise to become your own boss. The key to becoming a true business owner would ow be to hire a few labourers to create the work, whether you want to work alongside them is ultimately up to you, but the goal is to create a business where you can generate revenue without having to exchange your time for. Remember becoming rich is not for the money, it is to gain back your time and be able to reinvest it in the things you love. At this point you can now incorporate your business and utilize tax deduction to pay off your expenses, may that be home renovations, cars, gas, business dinners, vacations, etc. (We recommend consulting an accountant for this part as tax laws are pretty strict and can lead to trouble if not handled properly). Hence, either through your earned income self-employed business you were able to generate the income or capital needed to build an empire or legacy that can assure generational wealth and/or opportunity for your future offsprings. All the cash flow you will generate from the incorporated business can now be invested in real estate or stocks under your incorporated company in the hope of being tax-deferred. This is what we’ll be covering in the next portion of this article.


Truly you became an investor the second that you entered the retirement program with your original company given they had one. In the event they don’t, then once your business is generating enough revenue then at this point you can become a slightly more aggressive investor to compound your income through time. One can do this through conventional stocks/cryptocurrency. By investing in stock, under your incorporated business, increases the assets you have under your business’ fundamentals and some help at diversifying your income sources in the case of a business downturn as recently experienced in the pandemic. You can even take out a loan against your stocks and cryptocurrency and start becoming a real estate investor as well. You are now walking into the passive income portion of the becoming rich segment which is the part most people feel attracted to as it necessitates very little work from your part while it generates a sizable portion of income. As your business is incorporated you can now buy real estate in your company’s name to offset financial downturns and also benefit from tax deductions related to the expenses of running your real estate empire. Once you buy enough real estate and own enough stocks you will now have gained back all of your time and making more money than any job can pay you at the level of work and expertise you provide … Welcome to the rich life!!

Becoming rich isn’t necessarily luck, many think they could only become rich by winning the lottery or becoming the next hit signer but that just simply isn’t the case. Most people have no idea how to use axes and debt to their advantage and instead just keep a self-limiting mindset that they couldn’t be rich because it only happens by luck. However, I hope to have established at this point that it isn’t luck, but the compound of hard work and discipline. Once your business is making big enough that you don’t need to be around anymore to make a sizable income, you then outsource the managing of your business to a VP or you kid for instance, and now you can let the fruits of your labour pay off while you’re sipping a martini in the Fiji Islands. Get a property manager for your real estate buildings so you don’t need to do any work at this point, and also get a financial advisor to manage your investment portfolio and you are living carefree among the 1% of the 1% because you decided to do what 99% of people won’t and that is called becoming financially literate and financially free.

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