Updated: May 22, 2021 is a new cryptocurrency trading platform which offers cutting-edge services over its competitors. Here at Raised Wealth, we have been experimenting with the mobile app for the past few months and have been very satisfied and even impressed with the platform. We must admit however, we would enjoy a web interface over the mobile app as it would make trading much easier and efficient. However, the quirks and features the app offers were way too advantageous to shun away.

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0% fee for 30-days!

When one first signs up with, they receive a 30-day at 0% fee for the purchase of any cryptocurrency on the platform. The rates do go up after the first 30-day period however the rates for purchasing after are comparable to other platforms in the segment.

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App Usability

Even if a web interface isn’t available, we find the app to be user-friendly and beginner-friendly. The purchases are done within seconds and can easily be tracked using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The app shows the top cryptocurrency coins on the market and shows market gainers and losers, and broadcasts prices in real-time.

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CRO coin uses its very own coin which goes under the ticker $CRO which allows users to store their Fiat money (CAD, USD, EUR, etc..) and store it as cryptocurrency. CRO has held relatively stable and has actually seen pretty significant growth since its emergence in June 2016. The CRO coin allows users to purchase any cryptocurrency using it as part of it being the main currency for the platform. You can transfer some stake of CRO to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) for example, and when money is transferred from CRO to other coins no fees are incurred regardless of the time frame and/or amount being traded which is significantly rewarding in the long run.

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CRO Visa cards

What truly differentiates from Binance or Coinbase, is its affiliation with visa and ability to transfer cryptocurrency into Fiat money and make purchases with the card in turn. To earn CRO visa cards necessitates having a certain amount of CRO coins stored in your crypto wallet however there are huge benefits to getting the CRO visa card and even more, depending on the colour card you obtain. Each time you make a purchase using a CRO visa card, you get a certain percentage back in CRO stake as well and can even decide to change the “cash back” currency into other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and many others. We must mention, no other cryptocurrency and/or online brokerage platform allows you to use your investments to be liquified back into fiat money and then used to be purchased at no fee as does, it always is required that you remove your money from either TFSA/RESP or ROTH IRA/401K. In the case of Binance, you would need to be taxed on capital gains once transferred from the user’s crypto wallet and back into their original bank account, compared to which allows you to use the card to make purchases directly from the account at no fee.

There are 5 tiers of cards available and offer different advantages for either.

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Referral Program

As we have covered various times on Raised Wealth, Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has shown to be quite lucrative for the few people who persevere through the hurdles. has a Referral Program which rewards both the referrer and referee with $25.00 USD when the referee signs up for the CRO Visa program. Hence, a win-win for both parties and offers the possibility to make a hefty gain on a cryptocurrency that is just now innovating and bringing forward the future of cryptocurrency into the real world.

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As previously mentioned is the first cryptocurrency exchange app which allows their users to make payments in the real world through their digitized currency. They are a rapidly expanding platform and have the potential of amounting great things in the future. They will be partnering with Aston Martin in the F1 cars, and also have a banner hung at the bell centre home of the Montreal Canadians.

(Use our referral code: 45rvgff7us and earn $25 USD by stake in CRO Visa Card)

Final Thoughts

We see a future in cryptocurrency, the recent geopolitical events the pandemic has brought into our lives have dramatically pushed forward the idea that a new digitized currency might in fact be the answer to preserve our hard-earned dollars’ value. Now with allowing their users to make payments directly from them eliminates the skepticism over the utility of cryptocurrency and can now be considered as an investment rather than a speculative gamble. With the platform being beginner-friendly, it will allow more and more people who are just now getting into cryptocurrency to participate which will ultimately grow the blockchain as a consequence. We believe it will see tremendous growth in the near future. Especially now that payments can be done with cryptocurrencies.



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