Compound Interest with Questwealth Portfolios

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Not everyone has the time and knowledge to trade individual securities, however, this should not stop you from reaping the benefits of compound interest.

Questrade, offers an AI-managed portfolio program that trades based on the risk tolerance of the given user prior to opening the portfolio.

The big incentive of investing into auto-managed portfolio from Questwealth, is simply reaping the benefits of compound interest at lower fees than the average mutual fund.

As shown in the table below, we can see the different risk tolerance available to select, as well as the comparison with an average mutual fund on the right.

We encourage all our readers to understand the importance of being knowledgeable on compound interest as it is the foundation for becoming financially free.

We show you a picture generated by Questrade (Questwealth) to represent the power of compound interest.

As seen on the graph, with an initial deposit of $5000 and contributing $3000 every year at an aggressive risk level for a period no less than 20 years, can turn a $65,000 investment to $219,245 resulting in a 237.3% tax-free capital gain.

This is the beauty of compound interest, you get the non-taxable capital gain without the hassle of being glued to the markets all day long. See how simple financial freedom can be... Luckily we live in an era where an MBA, CFA, CPA is no longer a bar-at-entry for the average person to profit on the markets. Our mantra here is, "Time is your greatest asset", use it to your advantage and you can predictably assure long-term financial stability.

Come on over to Questrade and learn more about their wealth management programs and set start your journey to become financially free.


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